GRPSuperdeal are an independant Wholesalers in Bow, London. Founded in 1972 by Ron West and is now supplying many Independant Retailers, Market Traders and Boot Sellers with a large variety of products in the DIY Market across the South east of England.
Our reliable delivery service mainly operates within the M25 in our own Vans or National Overnight Carriers are used outside this area. All Orders are pre booked in and therefore you always know when goods will arrive. 
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HARDWARE- Screws, Nails, Washers, Nuts, Bolts, Hooks, Plugs, Sink Strainers, Chains, Anchors, Hammer Fixings, Door Bolts, Robe Hooks, Curtain Hooks and Glides, Curtain Wire, Handles, Cloth Holders, Locking Nuts, Wing Nuts, Cupboard Catches, Screw Caps, Screw Eyes Radiator Keys, Picture Hooks, Wire, D Shackles, Plate Stands, Modesty Blocks, Shelf Brackets, 'S' Hooks, Mower Blades, Gate Hooks, Dresser Hooks, Door Stops, Meter Box Keys, Plastic Wall Plugs, Walking Stick Ferrules, Corner Braces, Corner Brackets, Tee Repair Plates, Netting Staples, Split Pins, Screw Covers, Blue Tacks, Clout Nails, Handles, Hasp and staples, Hat and Coat Hooks, Hinges, Tee Hinges, Pad Bolts, Sash Locks, Dead Locks, Suffolk Latch, Fitch Fastner, Autogate Latch, Key Tags, Key Covers, Towel Rail Ends, Cabinet Hinge, Turn Catches, Robe Hooks,Door Wedges, Door Stops, Cord Weights, Snap Carbine Hooks, Tower Bolts, Quick Links, Curtain Tie Backs, Curtain wire, Gulley Grids, Tap Swirls, Vents, Shower Hoses, Tumble Dryer Vents, Washing Machine Hoses, Ball Valve SEat Kit, Water Butt Taps, Galvanized Wire, Cleat Hooks,

Electrics - Torches, Plugs, Sockets, Switches, Back Boxes, Batteries, Cables, Pendants, Ceiling Roses, Junction Boxes, Fuses, Cable Clips, Lamp Holders, Bottle Adaptors, Battens, Split Connectors, Trailing Sockets, Extension Leads, Spurs, Dimmers, Ariels, Coax Leads, Starters, BT Accessories, pvc Tapes

Car Accessories - Sponges, Astonish Cleaners, WD40, Car Mats, Trolley Jacks, Foot Pumps, Tow Ropes, Car Bulbs, Ratchet Handles,

Cleaning - Astonish, Knock Out, One Shot, Kettle Descaler, Kilrock, Moisture Crystals, Scourers, Dusters, Window Wipers, Cutlery Drainers, Bowls, Mop Buckets, Brooms, Buckets, Dustpan and Brushes, Plungers, Drain Cleaners, Toilet Brush

Household - Scissors, Pick up Tools, Playing Cards, Artist Brushes, Lint Rollers, Hot water Bottles, Inner soles, Mouse, Rat Traps, Fly Papers, Rentokil, Black Refuse sacks, Rodent Killers, Lighters, Rizla, Shopping Trolleys, Umbrellas, Parcel Tape, Clear Tape, String, Ironing Boards, Irons, Airers, Pegs, Door Mats, Candles, Key Rings, Trolley Key Rings, Dog Tags,

Gardening - Tools, Loppers, Shears, Mattock Heads, Spray Bottles, Hose Adaptors, Connectors, Hoses, watering Can, Flexi Tubs, Twistee, Strimmer Cord, Black Buckets, Sack Barrows, Garden Labels, Linseed Oil, Knotting, BBQ Brushes, Lamps, Oil, Garden Gloves, Self Adhesive House Numbers, Wheelie Bin Numbers, Bird Feed, Fatballs, Bird Nuts, Incinerators, Water Butts

Kitchenware - Utencils, Bakeware, Silicones, Disposible Table and Cookware, Cutters, Blow Torches, Basters, Lighters, Dishes, Cake Stands, Cake candles, Chopping cutting Boards, \Cafetaire, Cooling Trays, Cutlery, Grinders, Egg Separators, Flasks, Thermosd, Kitchen Foil, Cling Film, Funnels, Food Covers, Oven Gloves, Graters, Hamburger Press, Icing Kit, Nozzle, Bags, Jam Jars, Maslin Pot, Tongs, kettles, Teapots, Jelly Mould, Frying Pans, Measuring Spoons, Scales, Mincer, Pasty Makers, Rolling Pins, Percolators, Peelers, Ricers, Salad Spinners, Splatter Guards, Tea Towels, Tooth Picks, Skewers, Table Cloth Clips, Timers, Thermometers, Pie Dishes, Toasters, Hand Blenders, Whisks, Slow Cooker, Halageon Cooker, Sandwich Maker, Hobs

Plastics - Multi Boxes, Storage Handy Boxes, Swing, Pedal, Dust Bins, Sink Drainer, Laundry Baskets, Recycle Bins, Coat Hangers, Food Containers, Handy Boxes, Jugs, Sieves, Butter Dish,

Lighting - Capsule Bulbs, Diachroic Lamps, GU10, Flicker, Appliance, Reflector, Par 38, Spot, D Lamps, \Halogen GLS, Candle, Pygmy, R63, R80, Coloured, Ball, Round Bulbs, Low Energy, PIR Flood, 221, 284 Fittings, Fluorescent Tubes, Circular Tubes, Halogen Lamps

Outdoors - Winch, Jockey Wheel, Ratchet |Tie Downs, Tarpaulin, Travel Mugs, Fire Blankets, Fire Extingisher, Level said Kit, Caravan Accessories, Camping, Level aids, Beam Deflectors, Water carriers, Door Retainer, Gas locker Key, Levels, Pegs, tent, Guy Rope, Heaters, Air Bed Pump, Storage, Tables, Fire Bucket,

DIY - Fillers, Silicones, Sealents, Mirror Mate, Aqua Mate, Instant Nails, No More Nails, Unibond, Everflex, Mastic, Tile Adhesive, Fix and Grout, Grout remover, Powder Filler, Flashing Tape, Cement, Patching Plaster, Sand and Cement, Superglue, Adhesive, Epoxy, Spray adhesive, Wood Adhesive, Fix and Fill, Waterproofer, Mortar Mix, Brick and patio, Masking Tape, Power Tape, Brown Parcel Tape, Scrim, PVC Electrical Tape, Gaffa Tape, Cloth Tape, Double Sided Tape, Hazard, Fragile handle with care tape, Mounting Tape, White Spirit, Metholated Spirit, Cellouse thiners, Shellac, French Polish

Tools - Hammers Claw Metal wooden Fibreglass Sledge Pein Club Ball Splitting Maul, Mallet,Pick axe, Safety Wear Jackets Trousers Vests, Dust Masks Filters, Easr Plugs, Pliers Side Cutting Long Nose Water Pump Combination Bent Nose 6" 8" Fencing, Punch Eyelet Leather, Cable Cutter, Bolt Cutters, Aviation Tin Snips, Pincers, Tube Cutters, Wrench Adjustable Basin Pipe, Wire Stripper, Tonge Hand Riveter, Clamps G C F Ratchet, Pipe bender, Radiator Hex Key, Vice, Plane, Sander, Chisels File Lathe,Needle Bolster Cold Punch, Stone Boat Combination Cigar Mounted, Chuck Key, Hex Keys, Drills SDS Masonry Countersink High speed Titanium HSS Core, Scrapers, Brushes, Trowels Pointed Brick, Aluminium Hawk, Floats, Tile Grout Float, Corner Trowels, Shave Hook, Wrecking Bar, Crow Bar, Hollow Punch Set, Chalk, Plumb Bob, Line and Pin Set, Awl, Wire Brush, Harris, Paint Brushes, Rollers and Trays, Glass Cutter, Wet and Dry Wet'N'Dry, Paint Kettles, Foam Rollers, Tile Cutter, sand Paper, Sanding Block, Discs, Sanding Blocks, Tape Measures, Spirit Levels, scaffold Levels, Combination Wrench, Spanner Set, Screwdriver Set, Power Bits, Tap and Die Set, Soldering Iron, Tool caddy, Tool Bag, Glue Gun, Saw Coping Hacksaw Tenon Hand Junior Wallboard Hard Point Hi Tension, Holesaw, Hacksaw Blades Junior 12",Utility Knife Blades Razor Hook, Multi Function Tool, Snap off knife, Security, Padlocks Tricircle Disc Laminated Combination Brass Cast Iron Long Shackle Shutter, Bicycle Shackle Lock, Combination Lock, Cable Lock, Diamond Cutting Discs Stone Grinding Metal, Wire wheels, Wire Cup, Mini Engraver

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It is very easy to get in touch with us. Call us at 0208 980 1186 or write to us using the Contact Form.

With over 8,000 lines at our disposal WE ARE THE ONE STOP SHOP for Retailers and alike


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Car Accessories - Jacks, Foot Pumps, Mats, Discs, Cleaning etc

Cleaning - Addis, Astonish, Zamo Harris, Ewbank We have it all

Sealants - Everflex, Bond it, Ultratape its there

Electrics - Cables, Batteries, Plugs, Sockets, TV Accessories, Telephone Accessories etc

Gardening - Tools, Watering Impliments & Accessories

Household - Scissors, Magnfying Glasses, Cash Boxes,Hot Water bottles, Stick on Shoe Soles, Shoe Horns and More

Hardware - Ironmongry, Screws, Hooks, Curtain, Picture & Cup Hooks, Tap Swirls, Washers its here

Lighting - All the Household Bulbs or Tubes that you could want Low Energy, Appliance

Outdoors - Camping & Caravaning needs galore Air Beds Cookers, etc

Plastics - Buckets, Bowls, Brooms, Brushes, Storage Boxes,  Dishes, Stools, Dustbins

Kitchenware - Everything a Kitchen could require, Graters, Turners, bakeware, Spatulas

Tools - Hammers, Chisels, Screwdrivers, Drills, You name it ITs Here

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